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Some history: Kimber Farms - A Legacy of Genetics

posted May 19, 2011, 6:34 PM by Edward Wustenhoff
Kimber Farms - A Legacy of Genetics

by Jill Singleton

John Evans Kimber was born in 1895 in New York where his father was in charge of the missionary chapel, St. Augustine's, in the lower East Side. When his father died in 1915 the family moved to Palo Alto where they were all involved in music and brothers, John E., George P. and Arthur C. attended university. John E. Kimber completed his education with credentials in both agricultural science and music education.

By 1925, John E. Kimber had purchased 7 acres on the Mission Road south of Niles for pioneering a poultry genetics facility using 800 pedigree hens in trapnests and egg production statistics. His wife Alice, a mathematician, was the first statistician. Their sons Arthur and Jack were born in the mid 1920's. Between 1927 and 1932, John initiated a band music program at Washington Union High School and its 8 feeder grammar schools between, balancing these programs with his poultry research work. In 1930 the 108 piece band from Washington Union High School traveled to the State Band competition at Sacramento. The community collected $10,000 for instruments and other musical equipment to support this endeavor.

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