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Tri City Voice article refers to Save Kimberpark

posted May 19, 2011, 6:45 PM by Edward Wustenhoff
Editorial: Identity

The question of growth and other concerns will emerge from current planning processes and through them, an identity. As an example, Kimber Park residents are closely watching yet another bid - there have been multiple attempts - to build homes on existing open space within their neighborhood. Their identity is at stake and any subsequent effect on the City of Fremont. Such scenarios are easily identifiable in most communities and within these neighborhood microclimates, pride and self-image reside, not only for local residents but the city at large as well. Directed change can lead to improvement but the danger exists that those same areas can also degrade in the name of progress. Redevelopment Agencies, originally designed to lend assistance and remove blight, are hastily moving property and assets to avoid the State chopping block but what of the long term effects of these manipulations on our community identity? </snip>

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