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Mailer Response

Kimber Park residents and those on the interested parties list will receive a mailer on (6/30/12).  If you respond please do it by regular mail and post your return address over the one they list.  Do not provide your personal phone or email address to the developer.   After you respond please complete the form to the right for our records.  These comments will come to one spot and be compiled in one document presented by a Save Kimber Park representative at a future city council meeting to be included as part of the public record.   If you are contacted by the developer personally please tell them to only contact the executive team of SKP by email at info@savekimberpark.com .

Suggested comments as discussed at the Save Kimber Park community meeting on 6/22/2012 are shown below:

"Any proposal that includes residential development of any kind is not supported by the community. The back 2/3rds of the property should remain natural open space which is how it has been used and zoned within the Planned Development for the past 35 years."

You can use this recommendation or modify it as you feel appropriate but please complete this form on the right, before you send the mailer so that a compilation of all comments sent to the developer are available to SKP.